Our 30 year history at Hatton Hotels has enabled us to work exclusively with the best in business. Joseph Perrier is one of those chosen suppliers here at The Hatton Collection and we are proud to bring you a combination of history and future.


Joseph Perrier has been making fine champagne for nearly 200 years, gracing celebrations both high profile and private. Joseph Perrier was poured on the first Air France Concorde flight in 1976 and more recently celebrated the Nobel Prize for medicine. The name Cuvée Royale featured on the label celebrates the relationship with Queen Victoria and King Edward VII in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Today Joseph Perrier has a simple philosophy – concentrate on making the best champagne for the enjoyment of all.
The House remains family owned to this day. The 21 hectares of vineyards are all planted on beautifully situated south facing slopes overlooking the River Marne, mainly Pinot Noir with some Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. The vineyards are treated with the utmost respect; Joseph Perrier were enthusiastic early adopters of  a culture of minimum inputs in the search for equilibrium and balance in the soil. Wildflowers can be found alongside the vines and natural mulch in between the rows. All the grapes are hand picked into small baskets to make sure they reach the press in perfect condition.

This artisanal approach continues in the cellars, in the three years it takes to make even the NV Brut each bottle passes through some 10 pairs of hands, despite a few modern technical advances the process remains essentially unchanged since Joseph Perrier founded the company in 1825.